Tuesday, May 27, 2014


A time I felt fear was just before my dog Leo was put down. I was scared and sad altogether. My body got hot and I started shaking intensely. My face was beat red and my eyes were full of tears.
    Extreme fear effects the mind by making things very difficult to process and understand. When you're under extreme fear, you tend to focus on only thing. You can't hear anything around you. You're pretty much hypnotized if you really think about it. Fear is overpowering but, can definitely be overcome as well.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Old Age & Dying

     I think it depends on the people. Some people may want to live longer while others may not. I personally would like to live a longer life, but..it depends on who I end up being with in the future. If I really love them then I want to be with them for as long as possible. Like I said it's different for other people.
     If I could choose my life span I would choose as long as possible if I'm with the right person in the future. If I'm alone I probably won't want to stay alive and live a boring life. It all kinda depends on my future really.
     On some degree I do agree with him but then again, if you live longer you'll have more time to do the things you've always wanted to and enjoy doing your favorite everyday activities. People look at this from different perspectives. So it's all up to the person living life and deciding what they want to do.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

It's Personal

Hey, one thing that's been working really well for me during the past couple weeks has been writing about personal things. Such as things I believe in or personal events that have happened to me. I have to admit that it is emotionally hard for me to write about some of the personal things that have happened but it's also kinda like therapy for me. It's stuff I have to let out and get off my chest. I wish we could write about this kind of stuff way more often. I wonder if any of you feel the same way? Is writing about personal stuff therapeutic for you as well? Please let me know?
                                                                                -Sam <3

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

My Writing Voice

     I think my writing voice is somewhat still developing. I'm not quite so sure how to get it to come through my writing at it's full potential yet. My voice in writing will hopefully come out to be very passionate. I wrote a piece about music not too long ago and it came out pretty well written. Music is something I'm passionate about so I think that helped my voice come through a lot clearer than if I wasn't into what I was writing about.
      Hopefully I can get a little feed back from some of you out there.
                                                     -Sam <3

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Encyclopedia: My Life

Favorite Word: My favorite word is Love. Not sure why. Maybe it's the way it looks when I write it down on paper. Maybe it's the way it feels when it rolls off my tongue when I say it.

Home Sick: I'm very home sick. Not the kind you get when you go to your Grandmas house for a week. I'm talking about the kind where you move away from everything and everyone you know and love. I cry myself to sleep every night because I feel like this isn't where I belong.

Music: Music is my world! For me music is like therapy...when I'm feeling mad, there's music to calm me down. When I'm sad, yup...music for that too! Guess what? I found music to take me back home! <3 

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

My Twitter Bio

Music Lover, Horse person, Laid-back and quiet, Love to party, Summer, Lake person, Missouri, Live Like you're Dying, Learn to Dance in the Rain, Fight for what I Love <3

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Final Reflection

     Reflecting back to the beginning of the year I feel as though my writing wasn't as good as I am capable of getting it. I had a lot of trouble picking what to write about, then when it came time to start  the piece I couldn't get words onto the paper. My writing was kind of bland and uninspired. I couldn't really get into the promts we were given which made writing more difficult. As the semester progressed writing got fairly easier. I was able to be more inspired so the writing came easily to me. The last writing piece we did I was able to write with very little complications. I wrote about something I'm very passionate about. I think that seems to be very helpful in writing. I have definitely improved in writing this semester.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

McMurphy Essay

McMurphy was breaking rules even though he knew what he had to lose because he didn't care about what the consequences were. Some ways before the end of part two McMurphy kept asking to watch the World Series. He wanted to change the meeting time so they were able to watch the Series on TV. Nurse Ratched would say no. McMurphy would then refuse to take no for an answer and try to get some of the other patients to say they also wanted to watch the World Series. At the same time McMurphy was also trying to break out of the ward that way he could watch the Series. He began working up all the patients and his bad behaviors made the Nurse start taking away privileges. Nurse Ratched thought she had he final victory, thought she established her rule. She realized it wasn't when McMurphy stood and started walking her way after the meeting. The Nurse could tell he was set on doing something to get back at her, and he did. He put his hand right through the office window and grabbed a carton of cigarettes, say that the glass was so clear he forgot it was there.
This was a clear break of rules, but he obviously didn't care. He probably didn't care for a couple reasons. One would be that he didn't want her to have the final victory. A lot of the patients kinda looked up to him. McMurphy probably didn't want them to feel hopeless and think the nurse had complete control over them. He tried doing things the right way by asking for permission, getting patients to vote, but the Nurse wasn't budging. That can definitely make people feel hopeless and sound very unfair. He's doing what he did gave them hope and took away some of her control.

 Closing Prompt
I believe that McMurphy will continue to challenge the nurse based on some of the events that have happened in the previous chapters. I most definitely don't think he will become more agreeable because he wants the patients to stand up for them selves and actually fend for themselves in a way. I hope he gets through to he nurse at some point in the book.

Writers Craft

This is a writers craft about music

        Is it hard for you to lose weight? Listen to music. Can't focus on your work? Listen to music often. Can't tell someone how you really feel? Listen to music all the time.
When you're trying to lose weight and you think you've tried everything and still can't seem to lose anything, think again. Listening to music is one of the best and easiest ways to lose weight and even gain muscles. Just go to the gym plug your earbuds into your iPod, turn your favorite song up all the way and get into your workout routine. A little tip to help you, make sure your song is up beat. The reason your song should be up beat is because when you're on a treadmill or another machine it tends to get boring and you want to get off. Well with a fun up beat song you can jog or workout with the beat of the music. So definitely try listening to music when working out and watch your pounds drop and your muscles pop.
Ever been in class and it's too loud and you get distracted easily, and can't seem to shut it out? Try listening to some good music. When you can't hear other people's conversations you're less likely to want to sit in and talk with them. Plug your ears with some headphones and whip out that iPod! You'll be surprised at how much more focused you'll be in class, work, or even doing chores around the house!
Trying to tell someone how you really feel can be hard to do sometimes. Music can help you. Think about what you want to tell that person, then listen to some music that sounds like how you're feeling. Listen to the lyrics closely, that is the most important part. Find the lyrics to a song that mean everything you're trying to say to that person. You might have to widen your music boundaries a little, but it's worth it and you will most likely find something you like.
            There are infinite ways music helps a person with personal situations, emotional situations and even in everyday life.  It maybe hard to understand, but you can't think it won't help until you've tried it.  The reason this technique helps and is so useful is because it causes motivation, and makes you more willing to do the activities you don't usually like doing. There are many genres of music, starting from rock all the way to holiday hits and everything in between.
            As of right now, music may or may not be a part of your life, but I strongly recommend you to give it a try. You may think it won't help, but you won't know until you try exercising, cooking, cleaning, or even working while listening to your favorite hits. Don't limit yourself to how often you listen to music. Life can be stressful and obnoxious, but music helps pull the bad, aggressive emotions out of your body allowing you to be happy and let carefree emotions enter.  Take advantage of music, let it make your life less stressful and more fun. You will enter a whole new world and be more open to new things in life. You never know what you could be missing.

Trying Something Different

     So I did something different this week with my writing this week. We had to turn a writers craft into and nice finished piece. I haven't written about something I was really passionate about before, so I decided so write about music and how it helps you in life. Normally everything I try to write about doesn't come out as intriguing as I'd like it to, but this time I think it was probably one of the best pieces I've written all year. I did although have a little help from one of my peers but once they got me working my gears I just let everything flow onto the paper. I was feeling very confident about this last writers craft we wrote.
     Thank you to all who gave some some advise, it's helped quite a bit!
                                                                                   -Sam :)