Wednesday, February 26, 2014

It's Personal

Hey, one thing that's been working really well for me during the past couple weeks has been writing about personal things. Such as things I believe in or personal events that have happened to me. I have to admit that it is emotionally hard for me to write about some of the personal things that have happened but it's also kinda like therapy for me. It's stuff I have to let out and get off my chest. I wish we could write about this kind of stuff way more often. I wonder if any of you feel the same way? Is writing about personal stuff therapeutic for you as well? Please let me know?
                                                                                -Sam <3


  1. I bet yours came out great Sam!!

  2. I agree it's way different and it's more fun then a bland old prompt it wasn't so much therapeutic for me as just going on a rant. But it was different.

  3. Hi sam! I agree, although I'm more used to talking about personal experiences more than writing them. It was change. Keep up the great work

  4. Hi Sam,

    Before I even saw your post about "voice" I wanted to comment about your voice. When you write about personal things, you come into your "writer's voice" in a strong way. Your writing is generally clear and compelling, but when you write about things that matter to you, it the voice also becomes animated in a way that resembles speech. This is a very, very good thing in writing and is generally strong in your work.

    A comment about your post on music. It's written very much like a persuasive essay (I agree with the comment about you going into advertising...or sales...because you do have a compelling voice in that post!). I don't know whether you've studied essay writing yet, but if not, the guidelines for a simple essay are easy to follow. They are: convey your idea in five paragraphs from start to finish. The first paragraph sets out your premise (music is good for what ails you), the next three paragraphs give examples to support your premise, and the final paragraph wraps up the first four paragraphs and draws some sort of conclusion. I had a friend who was a successful essayist (Deb Dalfonso) and she said the way to make any essay really ZING! was to pepper in 14 verifiable facts. ( Facts lend a substantial air of expertise to your "arguments" and provide learning experiences for the reader, among other things.)

    Check out Nate's post about the snowmobile to see how phrases such as this one: "blue 2008 Yamaha Phazer MTX 144 inch track with 2 inch paddles that he had shaved down each to 1.75" lend a real air of expertise to the writing. (Come to think of it, there are about 10 facts in that phrase alone.)

    So, in your music post, for example, if you stated that lullabies such as "Rock a Bye Baby" are helpful for putting babies to sleep or that the Dixieland tune "When the Saints Go Marching In" is good for getting groups of people moving, or that the tune "Danny Boy" tends to evoke Ireland for most people, you'd have the sorts of facts that give your writing a sense of depth and expertise.(BTW, don't use my examples--your own will be FAR superior.)

    I don't know why you're homesick, but writing (as well as music) is also a great outlet for sad feelings, allowing you to fully express your emotions, and often helping others in the process.

    Keep writing!